The conference venue, Hotel Enjoy Puerto Varas (former Hotel Patagónico), is situated in the vibrant city of Puerto Varas, one of the most touristic cities in Chile.

Hotel Patagónico was established in 2009. Its design accentuates the roots of our country, beautifully combining this influence with the German heritage of the area. It is a unique project that meets the highest international standards of quality and excellence, and is the five-star hotel of the region.

The Hotel offers a warm and welcoming service characteristic of the south of the world, inviting guests to experience a unique world of sensations. It has the best spa in the area, and gastronomy of the highest level. It also has activities and events designed for every occasion and every family member.

For lovers of botany or simply those who enjoy an outdoor walk, the hotel has developed two hectares of Patagonian gardens with trails that will let you discover the magic of the South, with its native trees and species brought by the German colonists. The temperate, rainy climate is the ideal environment for maintaining the year-round beauty that southern vegetation offers. Patagonian Cypress (alerce), coihues, araucarias and a great variety of flowers and bushes make it perfect for relaxation and contemplation.

The sunset overlooking Lake Llanquihue and with the Osorno volcano as a backdrop is, without a doubt, an image that lasts forever in the memories of those who visit.

Address: Klenner 349 Puerto Varas, 5550454, Chile
Telephone: + 56 65 220 1000 / +56 65 220 1014 / +56 2 2414 2013
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Organizing Committee
  • General Chair:
    Prof. Marco Rivera
  • Committee:
    Doctor José Riveros
    Doctora Yamisleydi Salgueiro
  • Honorary Chair:
    Prof. José Rodríguez
  • Mrs. Paola Poblete
  • Prof. Javier Muñoz
  • Prof. José Espinoza
  • Prof. Braham Ferreira
  • Prof. Patrick Wheeler
  • Conference Revenue: $94.701,53
  • Conference Expenses: $94.710,53

Klener 349, Puerto Varas, X Región, Chile